Thursday, 6 January 2011

Winter Trends 2010

Men’s Fashion for Winter

With the commencement of winter, Men are looking for latest fashion trends. Here are few ideas which will surely make men more appealing and attractive.

Winter 2010 is here and all over the globe, people are looking for the look books of different designers and catalogs of different retail stores in order to catch the first glimpse of 2010’s fashion trends. Many men’s fashion magazines have come up with the hottest trends for winter 2010 and are featuring the most popular celebrities in the most gorgeous outfits and looks for winter 2010. The top trends of men’s fashion for winter 2010 are:

Scarves are a favorite accessory for men’s fashion for winter 2010. Each and every designer has experimented with it and has come up with interesting, new and latest designs of scarves. Plain, chunky and ribbed woolen scarves are this season’s favorite and they are a must have in men’s fashion for winter list 2010.

The Military touch:

A tough, manly look yet chic and noble are incomplete without a military touch. Military prints in cargoes, aviator jackets, aviator sunglasses, Khakis, Air force blues etc are all a part of this year’s men’s fashion for winter look. It not only gives a trendy look but also, helps in keeping warm in the freezing winters of 2010.

Mid Boots:

They are an offshoot of the military touch. This season, the military look is incomplete without a pair of good shearling lined mid boots. It not only merges well with the aviator look but it also teams up amazingly with other outfits which are a part of men’s fashion for winter 2010.

The feel of Velvet:

Velvet has been out of fashion till a few years back but this season, it is a fashion statement to wear velvet. It is mostly worn in the form of jackets and suits. It may look a bit gaudy and it is a bit difficult to carry it in casual wear yet it gives a very royal and sophisticated feel when worn properly.

Warm tones of Tweed:

Apart from Velvet, Tweed is another material which is back into men’s fashion for winter 2010. Trousers, pants, jackets in warm colors and tones are surely this year’s favorite in the winter collection for men.

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