Thursday, 6 January 2011

Perfect Footwear

Perfect Footwear, Happier Feet

Men's Style
Choosing from a variety of
style in men’s shoes, perfect footwear. Get to know about different colour contrasts of shoes to wear with different pants.

People who are of an opinion that no men care about
shoes or only women do are absolutely wrong. These kinds of opinions are straight away absurd and rude. I can say this because I have seen men who have such diversified wardrobe of men’s shoes that they can easily match any pair with pair. In addition to that I have also seen women who are not even aware of the latest and hottest footwear available. Basically some people picture shoes as a common requirement and some people are literally obsessed with shoes. There are also some people who lie in between these two kinds of people.

Most of the men I have seen are not comfortable wearing so many styles in men’s shoes. For instance, people who have to wear work type
boots at their jobs, normally have a tendency of wearing those shoes even after work time. On the contrary, there are people who avoid certain kinds of clothes and occasions because they cannot wear the recommended and appropriate footwear.

Still confused? If yes, then by reading further you won’t be anymore because I have some really nice tips for men in choosing a variety of styles in men’s
shoes. Firstly, try to select a shoe that is a bit darker than your pants. Secondly, don’t worry about the colour of the socks that much because they don’t have to match your shoes.Thirdly, if you are wearing a belt than make sure that your shoe matches your belt.

When wearing a
jean, you can wear any colour and style of shoes but skinny ones. Skinny shoes are recommended for more formal outfits. You can also select footwear by referring to the style and colour of your t-shirt. When wearing a casual pant, you can wear a variety of loafers, oxford and men’s shoes that goes well with casual pants.

When wearing a dress pant, go for the same type of shoe as you would go for a suit. You can also wear a shinier material shoe with dress pants.

So guys pick up the perfect footwear and make your feet happy

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