Friday, 10 December 2010


Interview with Male Model 
Fabian Pfenninger

I caught up with ginger haired Swiss model Fabian Pfenninger fresh from his spring summer 2011 shows for the likes of Ann Demeulemeester, Cerruti, Wooyoungmi, Z Zegna and Moncler

.How did you venture into modeling? 

I just did it. I had a (good) feeling in my belly ... and i don’t regret it . 

What level do you want to get to as regards modeling? 

Oh well, I’d love to survive daily which means i have to earn enough money for living and enjoying my free time with my friends

How do you keep your body in shape, any secret diet or strict fitness routine? 

(Smiles) for my body and soul I usually go twice a week the gym. I’m not like an athletic stud or anything but I just try my best. Oh, I also try to drink loads of water. 

In your own opinion what is the best part about being a model? 

The best part? ... hmmn , well i like to travel around, meet new people and of course the free drinks if you go out (laughs) . 

At what point would you decide to move on from modeling to something else? 

I won’t do it anymore if I don’t have as much fun as I experience now 

What advice have you got for aspiring models? 

No risk , no fun ! BUT its always good if you have a plan b ! 

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