Friday, 17 December 2010

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Govinda persists

Govinda is not a nobody in Bollywood. Govinda had had his share of success in Bollywood. Govinda has churned out some hits and some flops too. Govinda might be losing his hair but what Govinda is sticking through is his ‘sense of style’. Govinda is no doubt worst dressed.

Over the years in Bollywood Govinda has persistently stuck through his worst dressed image. Govinda is a worst dressed celebrity who keeps getting worse. We still keep hoping how one day Govinda will show up dressed half decent at least to a Bollywood award show. 

Flamboyance is not where Govinda stops, Govinda gets loud in his style. But what is commendable is how Govinda made this worst dressed image work in his favor for the slap stick comedies Govinda was doing in the earlier part of his career. Govinda does not care.

Chubby Govinda doesn’t care, his red pants with yellow shirts and the check jackets are his to stay.

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