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Disadvantages of Excessive Gym Workout

Disadvantages of Excessive Gym Workout

Gym Workout

Gym Workout
Gym Workout
Are you crazy in gym while doing exercise? Do you know the disadvantages of excessive gym Workout? Read the following if you want to save yourself from serious problems…..
Attractive looks and healthy physique surely fascinates everyone. In this regard, to attain a well shaped body most of us believe workout in gym to be the best and most effective way. Apart from charming looks, gym workout and healthy sports are recommended by doctors and physicians as mandatory part of healthylifestyle.
But do you know that there are lots of disadvantages of excessive gym workout? But before proceeding with disadvantages we must know that what is excessive workout? Well the consensus of many physicians in America reveals that exercise and sports for 60 minutes is healthy for a human body. So I believe thatgym workout for more than 60 minutes (like many fanatics do) can actually harm human body instead of benefiting.
There is no doubt about the fact that gym workout burns calories and shapes a body but there are drawbacks also, like:
Inappropriate handling of weights can result in back pain. Plus it can cause some serious accident, which may result in permanent disability.
Doing exercise without proper warm up can cause muscles to stretch and the pain can last for long time.
A lot of workout can result in depressed immune system.
Workout at gym is not safe in regards to cleanliness. As the sweaty machines can easily transfer diseases.
Heavy workout can reduce your interest in sex; it makes you cranky and exhausted and over exertion is not good for mind also.
With heavy gym workout, you may get your desired results by reducing weight drastically. But as you grow older, it is expected that you will experience pain in your bones (especially joints) and your muscles won’t be very strong either.
So what is a suitable solution for it? Should one start taking various medicines? No, not at all. one need not to take any medicine for it, rather an individual must try and reduce weight slowly, or they can do walk/jogging(this is lifelong strategy, without any harm) for an hour or so. Furthermore they can control their diet (instead of having huge meals and then spending hours in burning the same calories). But if you are not fascinated by walk, then there are various sports also like volleyball, football, rock climbing etc.
It’s not that I am anti gym workout; I just recommend avoiding excessive gym workout. As it will only put muscle mass on you.

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