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Emaad Irfani

Breath-taking, heart-hitting extremely arresting, Emaad Irfani is ‘hotness personified’ in the truest sense of the word. This tall hunk got a blend of Mexican and Spanish features that makes him stand out in the crowd of faces in Pakistani fashion industry.

1. It would be nice to hear about your earlier years, leading to how you took off as a model, who is considered hotness ‘personified’?

Well ! When it comes to my Childhood I was so much into sports even still I am I was born in Peshawar. My father was in the army so like all army families, we traveled and lived all over like Quetta, Lahore, Peshawar, Kharian, Pindi, etc. Eventually, in 1992, when I was 12, my father retired from the army. In 1996 we moved to Lahore where my father got a job in PIA (Pakistan International Airlines). So for the last ten years or so I have been in Lahore. I went to school all over Pakistan cantonment schools, army schools, and eventually I graduated from the Lahore Asia American School of International Academics. I did my BA from the National College of Business Administration and I did my Masters from LUMS. I have two older siblings, a brother and a sister, both are married with kids. I am the youngest and also the black sheep of the family (laughs).

2. What sparked your interest in modeling?

To be honest NO ONE! As I have told already, I was so much into sports and I always wanted to be a cricketer :) But my Khala (aunt) was really persistent that I should try it out. She told me to go and get my portfolio done. First I was like “Kai mai kiya portfolio banwaoon ga?” But she was the one who called up Ather Shehzad and got an appointment for me. So I went there and I got a portfolio done. That was in 2002, when I was doing my bachelors. After the portfolio, I slowly started doing shows for HSY, more shoots at Ather Shahzad, and that’s how it all started.

3. You have immense charisma and charm and nature has endowed you with a perfect height and looks and how do you combine these attributes with the requirements of the modeling profession.

It’s very erratic, especially for male models in Pakistan. It’s not as easy as it sounds. It’s all trial and error, you basically learn as you go. Like in the west models take their portfolio to agencies and that’s how the process works. And here criteria is much different, These days’ anyone can do modeling in Pakistan, because it’s quite easy, although height and looks are important for modeling but still I have seen some people with short heights can still get print shoots, but still it is better than before.

4. Can you name your gurus and your ideals?

I have always admired Good works but when it comes to my Gurus , I like working with HSY , Umar Sayeed as I feel more comfortable working with them. And my Ideals! umm My Father :) he’s my ideal.

5. All your professional efforts combined with gifts of nature, are they fetching reasonable returns in financial terms?

The first thing that needs to be done for a person who wants to enter modeling is to get a photo shoot done. The cost for a good photo shoot would be about Rs.40,000 ($700 approx). That’s a lot of money for someone who wants to start off, and of course there are no guarantees about who will make it or not. So you might just end up with a bunch of very costly pictures (laughs). Male models are never treated like female models; female models are paid much more than male models. I think it’s a universal thing. But then again there are a few established models that do well. This is something that you can categorize as a serious hobby; it is not a serious job at all.

6. What is the future of male models in Pakistan and what kind of effort does it take to stay at the top? Would you like any of your offspring’s to be a model?

Koi effort nahi! The most intrinsic thing is that basically you don’t have many male designers. The established ones are may be about five or six which would be Lawrencepur, Deepak Perwani, Hassan Shehreyar Yasin, Omar Saeed, etc. But now because of fashion school operating for the last ten years or so, more and more people are taking the plunge and coming out with their own label, some of them being men’s wear. So the future looks quite optimistic. Now there is the idea of a Pakistan Fashion Federation, there is fashion television, and fashion seems to be the new line for people.

There is a lot of exposure; people are investing, so it has become a more prolific business. As for the earning potential, when I started I was totally naïve, I didn’t know who was Nilofer Shahid, or Meeras or Hassan Sehreyar. When you are younger, the modeling industry seems very glamorous from the outside, but when you enter it, you learn the tricks and trades of modeling. This profession is not very lucrative; you cannot support yourself at all. You can make good money from commercials but people don’t understand that commercials and fashion modeling are two different things. For example, for commercials a person with a short height can do well too, but for fashion modeling, the catwalk has certain limitations.

7. Anything you want to Share with us?

There is a lot to share about but, yes I just want to tell Shawana Saad that I miss her a lot :) Now you must be curious who Shawana Saad is :P I would like to thank Shawana Saad 
for all her supports and love throughout my life as she always encouraged my work.

8. How do you stay in shape?

I have been an athlete all my life. I go to the gym on and off, but I keep myself busy in sports. There are guidelines that you need to work on. Well! My Sports and 1 hour workout (sometimes) makes me in good shape, I never go for dieting :) Like if you have a tendency to gain weight then of course you have to make an effort to maintain your weight. And like it or not, but looks are highly essential, you are selling a product by the way you look. So you have to work on your looks and style. When people say that models are all about their looks, all about themselves, very pretentious and all, they forget that that is what they are required to do!

9. Share with us some of your memorable shows?

Oh yes, there are many but it is always good working with Hassan Sherayar Yasin and all shows for him are really memorable but after so long I enjoyed my last show with Umar Sayeed where I was a Show stopper and I really rocked the Ramp ;)

10. Please pass on a message to those who are lured to this profession?

As in any profession, you have to learn to be patient and you have to be totally dedicated. If you have talent then no one can stop you. You need to have a good and positive attitude and, of course, that applies to any profession. And like I said, right now there are not as many male models, so that makes for less work for male models. The established 4-5 models get the best opportunities and work, but with the fashion institute, things are changing, so in the future there will be moremale designers and a brighter future. Then there are Pakistan fashion weeks. So there are many positive things that are coming up

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